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"Mit Hilfe des Voice.Codes Teams konnte ich erstens meine Applikation schnell auf Alexa und Google portieren und zweitens wurde mir der Sinn von Voice Marketing aufgezeigt! Ich bin der Meinung jeder Unternehmer oder Marketer sollte sich dieses Thema sehr zu Herzen nehmen."

BrandonGeschäftsführer, CEO

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Mario Johansson

CEO, Voice Expert

The hurdles to the use of various technologies especially for seniors and children have always been a thorn in the side of Mario. When Siri (Apple) released the first commercial voice technology, he was immediately impressed.

``In the beginning, I spent several hours each day mapping the processes of everyday life with language``

But it was only when the first digital language assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant and Cortana hit the market that it was clear to Mario that this was his true passion.

``My job is not only to help companies build their voice strategy and market successfully in this area, but also to pass on my knowledge and experience to educate people in the field of voice to meet the growing needs of voice designers and voice To be able to cover developers ``

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